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Plasma-arc-cut from sheets
ODmax = 2500mm
Seamless rolled
ODmax = 7000mm
ODmax = 800mm

Flanges & Collars

According ANSI, BS, DIN, EN, GOST, JIS, NS, OST, etc.

Pipe Clamps

According Standard or Customised


According ANSI B 16.9, ANSI B 16.11, etc. or Customised

» Special Flanges – all with 3.1B

Special Flange

Special flanges according to customer specifications up to ODmax 2500mm are a central part of the production in the European Union. Flanges up to ODmax 7000mm can be manufactured in China.

Reasons for the Production in China

As the costs of production in Europe are very expensive and the time of delivery often takes many weeks for special flanges, even flown in flanges from China are often still cheaper and usually faster available!

My supplier has been active on the European market for many years and is a very experienced and highly reliable manufacturer with production capacity up to ODmax 7000mm.

Tube Plates

Tube plates for heat exchangers are possible up to an ODmax 1800mm. Up to OD 800mm they can be forged, larger ones are cut from sheets.

Certificate according EN 10204 - 3.1B

All special flanges are certified according EN 10204 3.1B, TÜV is of course available on request too.

Plasma Arc Cutting from Sheets – EU
The rings or round blanks are plasma-arc-cutted from the sheets. For the larger flanges bars are bended and their ends welded to each other to form a ring. These rings are then finished to the customised flanges.
Dimensions max. Time of delivery Application Range
OD = 2500mm
b/C1 = 80mm
from two weeks Flanges acc. standard (e.g. threaded flanges up to DN 600, block & sight glass flanges up to DN 500 & DN 200, containerflanges up to DN 800, etc.), collars, special flanges, tube plates, all kinds of rings and circular blanks.

Seamless rolled – China (OD max = 7000mm), EU (OD max = 2500mm)
On CNC-controlled mills rings with minimal tolerances are produced. From these the flanges are turned.
Dimensions max. Time of delivery Application Range
OD EU= 2500mm
height EU = 330mm
kg/pcs EU = 600kg
basic: from two weeks,
finished: plus two weeks
Special flanges, all kinds of rings as well as flanges acc. standard (e.g. plate or lose flanges up to DN 800, block- & sight glass flanges up to DN 500 & DN 200, containerflanges up to DN 800, etc.), collars.

Forging – China, EU
This is the classic way to make flanges according to established standards: Due to the high costs for making the tools, this type of production is especially used for standard flanges and special flanges that are repeatedly required. Some of the forms are available, especially for weld-neck flanges with reinforced s measurement.
Dimensions max. Time of delivery Application Range
OD China = 2500mm
OD EU = 800mm
height EU = 400mm
kg/pcs EU = 300kg
from two weeks All kinds of flanges according any standard, bars (round, square or hexagonal), drive shafts (also remote), etc.

All products with 3.1B* – 3.2 on request.
* Except Clamps: on request only.

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